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IS300 5-speed manual anytime soon??

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Does anyone know if lexus is planning on making a 5-speed manual IS300 anytime soon??? I really like the IS300 but don't like the fact that its automatic.
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Acuracing, where's the 8 grand come from? The manual should cost less, not more than the auto.

Originally posted by acuracing:
then fork out another 8 grand for the manual and nav system. id hurt to have to eat the full 8 grand but i think you get what you pay for,

I thought the car was $34,500 fully loaded? What did you get to bring it to $38,000?

Originally posted by acuracing:
ckolsen: i was saying the worst case scenario would be that i could sell the IS for 30 k next year. i bought the car for 38k this year, so if the price were to stay the same, give or take a few hundred, then i would just pay the difference on the 2002 model. get it?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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