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My build: 2004 IS300 2JZGE-T 90k on body 5000km on engine.

Here is the list of mods so far carried out:

Engine mods:
  • Fully rebuilt motor.
  • Turbo: Aeroflow 6662 0.82AR.
  • Water & Oil cooled.
  • Haltech 2500 + Doomslang Harness.
  • Stage 2 264 BC cams.
  • 2JZGTE Pistons & Rods.
  • ACL Bearings & Rings
  • Hitachi R35 Coilpack kit.
  • Bored & machined bottom end.
  • Machined Head comp 9:1:1.
  • Haltech Wideband Single Channel.
  • 1.1mm GTE Head Gasket.
  • ARP Head Studs.
  • Spring Valves & Retainers.
  • Adjustable Cam Gear.
  • 50mm Turbosmart ProGate Wastegate.
  • Bosch DBW throttle Body.
  • XS Steampipe Exhaust Manifold.
  • FFIM.
  • GTE Oil Pump.
  • Cam & Crank Sensors.
  • 3” Exhaust System.
  • CX Racing intercooler kit.
  • Eboost 2 Boost Controller.
  • Haltech MF Gauge Art.
  • HKS SSQV Bov.
  • 2x Mishimoto Oil Catch Cans.
  • Koyo Aluminum Radiator.
  • Oil Cooler System.
  • Mishimoto Oil Sandwich with Thermometer.
  • HardRace Engine Mounts.
  • Altezza Oil Pressure Sender.
  • 3pin Oil pressure Sensor.
  • Proflow 90mm Throttle body.
  • New Starter Motor.
  • Greddy Turbo Timer.
  • Power Steering Aluminum Bottle.
  • Blitz Advanced AirPower Air filter.
  • Platinum NGK plugs.
  • New Timing belt.
  • Battery relocation kit.

  • J3 A340e Stage 4 built by ATF & MV.
  • Auto Trans control by JEMs.
  • 3500rpm Converter by MV.
  • 2JZ SFI Approved Billet Steel Flexplate.
  • Trans single Cooler.
  • TT Aristo Tailshaft modified to handle 600hp.
  • SC430 Acc Pedal.
  • Penrite Dex 6 Full Synthetic Trans Oil.
  • Tailshaft Loop.

Fuel system:
  • 1200cc injectors.
  • Ai Surge tank with 2x 460 Walbro.
  • Walbro 255 in tank
  • Raceworks Flex Fuel.
  • Radium Auto Fuel rail.
  • FuelLab EFI Fuel pressure regulator.
  • Braided Fuel return lines.

  • Tein Flex Z Coilovers.
  • Y85 diff 4.1 ratio.
  • Enkei PF05 Front
  • 18x 8.5 45+ (15mm Spacers).
  • Weld 15x10.
  • Rears Mickey Thompson ETSS.
  • Michilen PS4 fronts.
  • LS400 front brake Calipers.
  • LS400 Rebuilt.
  • Stoptech Braided Lines.
  • Bendix Front Pads.
  • Rear Intima Ceramic Pads.
  • IBS Front Slotted Rotors.
  • Rear Dimpled & Slotted rotors.
  • Hard race 30mm Front Swaybar.
  • Ultra Race 19mm Rear Swaybar.
  • F Caster Arms SuperPro kitted.
  • Top mount Suspension Strut brace.
  • Boot Strut brace.
  • Boot Crash bar.
  • Rear adjustable Toe arms.
  • Enkei lightweight nuts.

  • 2JZGTE Valve & Cam Covers.
  • Respray Pearl White (IS350 Fsport).
  • Full TRD neo V2 kit.
  • Altezza Yellow RS200 Z type Cluster.
  • 2017 F Sport Leather front Seats.
  • Cusco Radiator Cover panel.
  • Altezza Bonnet Grill.
  • Spec-D Xenon headlights.
  • Interior Carbon Fibre Dipped trims.
  • Smoked LED Tail lights.
  • Smoked LED sequential blinkers.
  • Smoked LED rear Foggies.
  • Rain shields.
  • Altezza Red Floor Matts.
  • Rear Windowscreen Shield cover.
  • Rolled & Pulled Front Guards.
  • Pumped & Pulled Rear Quarters.
  • Aero Wipers.
  • Bonnet Gas Struts.
  • Premium Toyota Horns.
  • TRD mini Antenna.
  • TRD Oil Cap.
  • CF dipped Number plate Brackets.
  • Full LED interior and exterior bulbs.
  • Carbon fibre dipped interior trims.
  • Reverse Camera.

Special thanks to Jacob my mechanic at Macarthur Motorsport who built most of the engine. Also special thanks for JEM’s Adam for all the Tune work as well as the auto trans control.

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The car made 400kw on 98 few things need to be fixed then will try on E85.

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Yeah bro not even done.

Will get a new surge tank, it’s got
Low comp issue 6.8 now the head has been machined and a thinner 1.1mm head gasket been installed it’s sitting at 9:1:1 comp now.

So will try again on E85. Oh and turbo is changed to Aeroflow 6262 bb. Tuner doesn’t like the Borg Warner I personally loved that thing bit laggy maybe it was due to the low comp.

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Yeah bro I really like how the BW 8376 pulls, when it pulls it’s scary lol.

It was 6.8 before the head was mashined, they previously did the bottom end GTE pistons and rods in installed the 1.3mm hg but never shaved the head.

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I got 275/50/15 and Weld racing for track

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I'm confused.

A hypothetical but representative 2JZ with flat top pistons, 86mm x 86mm Bore/stroke, 60cc combustion chamber, 87mm gasket bore and 1.3mm thick gasket produces 8.4:1

To arrive at 6.8:1 with that same configuration, you'd need 19cc dished pistons (or an extra 19cc of clearance volume somewhere).

Assuming you did have 19cc extra clearance volume:

Installing a 1.1mm gasket increases CR to 6.9:1

To get from 6.9 to 9.1 by only machining the head - you'd have to machine enough to decrease combustion chamber volume by 24cc, which is not happening. (and you wouldn't want to, even if you could)

Something here does not add up.

Yeah I’m not sure. It’s quite low tbh and something doesn’t add up. Mech shop and machinist shop are for sure playing with me.

Apparently he took off 30thou of the head thus he got it to 9:1:1. With 1.1mm hg.

Bore: (diameter)


Cylinder Head Volume:

Effective Dome Volume:

Deck Clearance:

Compressed Gasket Thickness:

Number of Cylinders:

Compression Ratio : 6.59:1

Total Displacement (in.3) : 183.59

Total Displacement cc's : 3009.67

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I have been adviced to have the turbo replaced with a bb Aeroflow 6262.

I really love how the BW 8376 pulls but just laggy and full boost by 5000rpm doesn’t do it for me, maybe the low comp 6.8 affected it but tuner said it’s a journal bearing turbo and best you will get is 4000rpm while the AF will have full boost by 3200rpm…
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The zaust housing is 0.91AR folks.

Machining is done now to put it back. So you guys think changing to the AF 6262 0.83AR won’t give much difference!!!!

The AF 6262 0.83 is recommended for 900hp. Full boost 3200rpm.
The BW 8376 800hp full boost was 5000rpm on low comp (6.8). Now I have 9:1:1 it will for sure perfume better but my tuner doesn’t want the BW he said get the AF in. He says the BB is better over the Journal bearing BW.

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CR 9:1:1 would need a 1.1hg to get this comp.

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I think the 0.91AR housing is what’s causing the lagginess full boost 5000rpm plus low comp.

I’ll see how the new turbo performs in terms of response, full boost and top end speed. I’ll then make my mind up to which turbo I’ll keep, the BW or the AF.

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The machinist installed the GTE pistons and Rods with 1.3mm head gasket and slapped the head on without machining the head.

Hence 6.8 CR.

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Man I think in your case, the compression ratio would affect the spool time, more than the turbine A/R. I don’t think .91 is terrible , compared to a compression ratio of 6 - which if it really is 6, is terrible. I would run the BW on the engine with the higher compression ratio, just to see.

I’m sure the Aeroflow is a good turbo, and it ought to spool a bit faster being BB vs JB, however you won’t convince me it’s a better turbo than the BW. The Borgs are used OEM and have a proven track record.

I don’t remember what rods you are using. But if this thing is going to be hitting high boost /lotsa torque at low rpm’s, you will bend the rods unless they can handle it. Stock GTE rods can’t handle these hard-hitting, insanely low-rpm fast spooling modern turbos. So the tuner may have to keep it under control till you’re further up in the rpm range.
Yeah I definitely love the BW bro I even had a slight argument with my tuner who refuses to tune the car unless I put the AF on it.
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It’s back and I have 1.3mm hg

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I think the BW housing 0.91AR is too big for street vs response hence he suggested I get the AF bb with 0.83AR. This turbo is rated at 900hp. Can be stretched to 1000hp. Tuner said the BW can’t make 3200rpm spool. I don’t know for him it’s a personal preference I believe. Here in Oz the BW isn’t big lots of people don’t know about them. I do as I have an IS300 and having watched so many vids on YT etc I gotten familiar with it.

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Apparently the car had a 1.6mm gasket. That’s not right I ordered it from Real Street unless they packed the wrong size mm!!

So two things gave the car a low comp, 1.6mm hg and a none shaved GE head. They bored out 30thou, now it’s sitting at 9:1:1.
GTE pistons and rods.

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I’m going to have a go at it with the AF but I’m definitely keeping my BW. I want to run the car with the BW via “another” tuner just to see which turbo makes more power low end and top end and how early the response will be .

I gotta get the Ai Surge tank with 2x 460 walbros, i already have a 460 in the tank so I’ll have 3x 460s after the surge tank is installed.

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I’m going for a retune with the BW. I want to see how much it can make and how early the boost can come on. It’s 0.91AR twin stroll divided T4 8376 S300SX airworks.

If I get full boost by 3500rpm I’m keeping the turbo if not I’ll swap it with the BB Aeroflow 6262 with a 0.83AR. It’s also a divided T4.
Car is back just gotta modify the shifter it’s hitting the aftermarket Tailshaft.

I did some body work to have the rears sitting with 0 cambers.

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With high compression car feels so much better already and engine sounds so healthy as opposed to BEOFRE

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Yeah man will see how it goes. I have it road tuned already. Once the surge tank is installed she will get a retune. We shall see how she does.

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Yeah the white with the TRD kit looks something else

Those tyres are too small, 245/45/15. I’m going to 255/50/15 ET R.
Ever since I hooked up the oil gauge in the cluster it’s reading high!!! What’s causing it to be high?

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