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Hey guys Ive had an odd intermittant no start problem on my is200. Now it won't start at all.
The clusters showing lights throughout the gears.
I've checked the solenoid wires & one has good power & the smaller one doesn't light up in start position with the test light to ground.

I've tried checking all fuses & swapping out relays along with locking the car & unlocking it with the remote,but still no go.

When I put a test light over the relay socket I'm getting a constant power on one pin & when I hit the start key the other pin lights up.
So I'm guessing the issue could be between the relay & starter solenoid.

My question is where do I go from here?
Could a wire be off one of the other 2 pins (that don't light up) under the relay socket & what pin would run to the starter solenoid from under there? Does it even go direct to the starter solenoid or go elsewhere first?

Tomorrow I plan on removing the relay plate & try starting it again with the relay plugged back in and see if one of the other 2 relay pins lights up on start position.
I guess usually that wire would go to the starter solenoid so I should be able to run it direct to the starter solenoid bypassing & replacing the existing faulty wire.

Hope I've explained this easily enough & my ideas are on track to solving the issue.
I just hope its not an immobiliser issue or something like that as I've had these issues before on my fords.
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Any advice guys?
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