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I live in Japan and owned an automatic Altezza AS200/IS200 for the past year. I just bought a white manual AS200 and want to modify my car more now that I think the manual will be more enjoyable. I noticed with the stock engine on this car, a lot of people on these forums say there is not much you can modify in order to gain much horsepower except engine swap or boost. So my question is what do you guys suggest I do with the car then since I will only have it for two years before I leave, otherwise I would definitely switch it to a 1JZ in a heartbeat. I planned on doing the following with the car for now.

-Replace air filter with fresh new one (note: not an aftermarket pod filter or anything) and make sure fluids are good. Basic maintenance to keep your car running well before you spend more on the rest.
-Switch gauge cluster orange lighting to white
-headlight tint (if its legal)
-Paint inside of tail light black around the lights
-Short throw shifter
-Black mesh radiator cover
-Plasti dip rims to gloss black
-Possible catback exhaust (not sure where to buy since I mostly see the IS300 exhausts and nothing for the 200. I heard there are Euro spec IS300 exhausts that fit the 200 however but don't know where to find them online. Also I am hesitant with buying a 100 dollar ebay catback) or just stick to the muffler delete since it sounds good.
-Vinyl Wrap roof black to match rims
-Strut bars ( the front is already installed, don't know if there is a back one)

I prefer horsepower gains over visual effect but since I don't plan on engine swapping or boosting on a temporarily owned car, I decided to go with the modifications above. Please add anything you would add to the car. I thought about a body kit but that's not 100 percent definite. If anything I would like a more aggressive front lip.
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