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is valve spring install height tension check necessary?

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just dropped the bare head off at power dynamix yesterday, will be installing springs myself
so the 70s muscle car coworkers telling me I should have optioned for the checking of valve spring tension at install height (in order to dial in equal spring tension across the board) and shim if necessary or machine the spring perch on the head side, is this necessary with modern spring technology? (have bc 80 lb springs and ti retainers)
how important is this longevity-wise, because efficiency wise=just add more boost right?
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found the tool to check spring force at install height for $75, i'll get it and do it myself.

However, Powerdynamix had damn well better set up your springs to the manufacturers specified installed height.
i didn't option for that :ROFLMAO: springs and retainers are in my hand, i only brought them a bare head to deck, soda clean, valve job, new guides and gsc inconel/stainless valves tip grind to center factory spec. i'm a cheapass and wanted to save on assembly labor
aw crap so i should send them my springs,ret,locks for checking install height. since he knew i'm doing assembly myself, Jeff Tsai didn't mention that was required so he didn't tell me to bring springs
i didn't option for any port and chamber work, only got their "competition valve job", I'm not sure if that constituted any port and chamber work but guess we'll see and i'll get hi-res pics
yeap that's somebody else :ROFLMAO: he did the whole CNC port job with stock valves. he already got his back and has pics in his thread. Mine's not even started, just dropped it off yesterday
his thread
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