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Is this the Same Silver?

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The photo below (from the Gallery) does not look like the Millenium silver found on the current IS300/GS430. Instead it looks like the Silver from the previous Lexus Models (ex 1998-2000 GS400). The Millenium silver looks as though it's a different shade from the pic on the link below...
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I just got back from an evening out at the bars with my friend and I just read the last 3 messages... I must be Drunk....
Eric.... see ya
Originally posted by chiem:

I think that's the most useless post I've ever seen Eric write.

That is a nice body kit. Wish my silver came like that too..

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Originally posted by vvtipwr:
that's the silver I'm talking may be the lighting, but it looks a lot different than the factory silver (which has a little bit of brown/beige and is not as bright as I want it to be)

It looks awesome, and it's more like the silver offered in the BMWs.
That's exactly what I thought.. It seems as if there's champagne in the silver.. The Millenium silver is a beautiful color no doubt but it's different....
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