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I don't exactly remember the MSRP of the car that I was quoted on. But the car is Silver with Black. It has the Leather Pkg., Moonroof, Wheel locks and the Trunk Mat.

I belive the MSRP was somewhere around $34,200.00 and I was quoted $31,917.00. Is that a fair price? The car had 2 miles on it when I first drove it. And of course it had 12 miles on it when I finished my test drive. The salesman tryed to get me to drive the car fast and hard, but I did not. I told him that I would break the car in gently like I have done with all my cars. He told me that I did not need to baby it, but I did anyway.

Now when I drove one of the demos, I hauled some serious ass in that car. I loved it and the stereo JAMS!

I hate the lack of a real armrest. I'm wondering if I should wait for a 2002 IS300 or if Lexus is going to come out with a retrofit for the 2001 armrest dilema. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm a young guy also, but I would like an armrest.

I LOVE THE CAR! I hate all the people with aftermarket cheesey looking replica tail-lights. I see them on civics, mustangs, preludes, camaros and believe it or not I saw some on a chevy-tow-truck. Nevertheless, that will not stop me from buying the car.

I am going out of town for a few days and the dealer has agreed to hold the car for me until I get back and he guaranteed me that no one would drive the car.

I also told him that I may want a car with the Limited Slip option(by the way, what will limited slip do for me?). He said that he would give me a deal at a little over 2k over invoice if I wanted to wait for one.

I currently drive a 2000 BMW 323Ci and a 2000 Honda Prelude. I am replacing the BMW, even though I will miss the Dynamic Stability Control and the 5-speed.

Is that a good deal? Or should I try to get a better deal? What would you do?

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What dealership did you go to in Houston, Westside or Sterling?

You already have two awesome/new cars, I think you could wait for the 2002 models to come out. I'm trying to get a group buy for us Houston people...drop me an email: [email protected]


MJ 300

2002 Models please come!!
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