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What up Ant and welcome to the board. I had to make the choice between those cars plus some others last year. As someone else said, test-drive both cars since that alone may sway your decision - it did mine. Also if you like the C Sport Coupe I'd look at the C320 instead of the C230. The C230 is supercharged but there is that lag when you hit the gas. If you plan on showing a bunch of your products having a four-door to display them may be more beneficial than a 2-door. The one thing that I did like about the C230 was the panorama sunroof. Overall, for me personally, it came down to standard features, power, and driving fun. I still enjoy driving around my IS300 a year later. I'll often times take the long way home just to drive.

BTW, most if not all people on here will be biased towards the IS300. I suggest you go over to and get the otherside of the coin. Do a search in their forums for "IS300." I remember there was a discussion going on at the time that I was buying on exactly this. They argued that the C230 had more standard features than the IS (which I knew at the time was a lie since I thoroughly researched both cars - on the C230, HID's, power seats, and CD changer were extra options). Also they believe that Lexus = Toyota+$$$$. They accused Lexus buyers of buying for the brand since the same car is available at a lower price as a Toyota. "Hello...McFly...." Pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot. What would you call people who buy an underpowered 4-banger because of the 3-pointed star?

I still like the C Sports Coupe though, every time I see one on the road I check it out. I like my IS300 much better ...but that's just me.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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