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Well for my first post I just wanna start off by saying I this the IS300 is awesome!

Now I have a couple questions, the first one for current owners... With manual transmission and some new options being offered for next years model, do you plan on trading in your current IS when the '02 IS becomes available?

And the second question is for IS owners AND enthusiasts
What do you think of the tail lights? Did they have any impact on deciding whether or not to buy an IS? I know many bash on IS tail lights for looking too outrageous or too played out, but personally I feel that they are stylish and truly make the IS stand out! And as for too played out, I disagree, although many Honda/Acura Owners (and now even Ford and Chevy!) try and bite the style of The IS's(/Altezza) original tail lights, they still look best on an IS!

Thanks and any opinions are appreciated...
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