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Is LSD necessary for the current IS300?

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Seems like the people in California region are out of luck when we want to buy a black interior with LSD. Upon reading many earlier posts, some suggest LSD help in dry pavement, turning, cornering, and acceleration. Some indicated a slow down in acceleration or turning. Is the LSD in IS300 really working? Just curious to find out, from the IS300 owner, can you physically tell if there is LSD comes in the car? Is there a sticker (not the price sticker) or under the hood to indicate the model comes with LSD?

I ducked down and examining two car in the dealership one with LSD, and one w/o. I cannot tell if the LSD one is bigger or smaller in the rear differential or not, they all look identical. I am not suggesting that we do not trust Lexus dealership. I am just trying to find out if we will feel a big of difference when we drive one w/LSD or w/o LSD.

As TEG suggested earlier, LSD car will really show its place when it comes to high power engine; perhaps people modify supercharge or turbo with a manual transmission. Though, the current IS300 is automatic transmission, is it going to take the advantage of LSD?

With all you tech people, can you tell me if LSD really needed for true racing car, F1, rally, or touring?

What other cars (production car; similar class) in the market now are equipped with LSD other than IS300?

How difficulty if I want to add an aftermarket LSD or getting one from people who want to further modify their car originally equipped LSD to a better aftermarket part?

Is heated seat needed for California region?

Thanks for all of you answering me so many question in advance, I am getting a car soon in about few weeks. I want to make a final decision whether get it now or wait. Most likely, I am going to go with black interior w/o LSD (In California region, no other choice). Just want to find out if it is an option that I can deal with later...

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I don't know a lot about the technology of LSD, but I do know that it works well to keep the low traction wheel from spinning up a storm. My '96 Blazer (4x4) has a limited slip rear end. I live in MN and drive on snow and ice a lot, and that vehicle has never had a traction problem in 2WD mode, as far as spinning just one wheel. A lot of RWD vehicles have some form of LSD, and it's certainly not a new thing.
If there was no traction control on the IS300 I would say make sure to get one, but since there is electronic traction control the LSD is alot less necessary.

Here are some sites with LSD info

Aftermarket LSDs will be very expensive compared to the "factory option".
They also might not be as quiet as the Lexus version.

The only time I could think I would have wanted any kind of seat heater would have been on a rare ski trip to Lake Tahoe in the winter...
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