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Is it just me.....

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Is it just me, or when you see a civic or something with an altezza light kit dont you get pissed off. I saw a civic hatchback last night with altezza lights. I wanted to break the damn things.
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I wil be honest and say that Accords have the shape and look down right for our lights, but most people don't really care to install the two round inner lights which adds to the IS' distinctive personality.

Otherwise, the lights for the other models are not Altezza or IS... that's just an outright insult, as is the inclusion of the Skyline's legendary name, for the sale of some crappy looking lights. Last time I checked, my IS didn't have 6 red lights (Eclipse) on my rear.

As for the people who drive cars with these lights, when I see a Civic or Integra with these lights, I just laugh out loud, and know that I can eat them for lunch. (Turbo Eclipses on the other hand...)

Just the other day in fact, a Civic was tailgating me on the freeway. I sped up and he kept on me. He got an open lane, and passed me up. Once I saw the rude imitation on the back of his car, I had to defend our car's honor. >
He changed lanes to my lane, and after passing up another car, changed lanes again. That's when I gunned it. To say that he was eating my dust is an understatement.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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