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Is it just me.....

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Is it just me, or when you see a civic or something with an altezza light kit dont you get pissed off. I saw a civic hatchback last night with altezza lights. I wanted to break the damn things.
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sit back and relax...those guys driving in their civics/neons are probably feeling $hitty when they run into the "real" thing. You know, it's an ego thing.....they've got a fake, you've got an original.

Although I am getting an IS300, some a$$hole with Alabama plates in his IS cut in front of my GSR on I75 and tried to race me on......much love to the IS, but a stock GSR is as fast as an IS, and I've got my GSR supercharged.

I don't like to talk smack about IS300s, but this guy got his behind SPANKED!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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