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Well it has been a long time coming, but I have finally completed the two mods i've been dying to do. Genuine IS-F rear lip spoiler & USDM IS-Fail lights.

Just finished tonight and will have to get some clearer day time pics


1. IS-F rear lip spoiler

Very easy to install. I spoke with Sydney City Lexus (Australia) today regarding installation and they recommended I contact the local Smash Repairs (around the corner from Sydney City Lexus). I dropped in there today to get a quote for installation, they said a few $hundred; but instead suggested I do it myself and remove the screws, use the double sided tape provided and get a high grade adhesive. So I did - $7.50, big difference.

I nervously grinded off the screws and the hardest thing was getting it lined up. Applied the adhesive and held down for 10-15 mins and left to sit with a few weights on top for another 30 mins just to be sure. Best of all, it's within 1mm from left to right; not bad for a hack.

2. IS-F USDM tail lights

Again, easy to install, had to peel back the inner boot lining to access the 3 nuts and remove the original harness. Gave it a little push and wham, no worries. Installing was just the reverse; push into place, put in new harness & bulb, do up the 3 nuts and put lining back into place. DONE!

Now I think a GFX front lip will finish it off nice.
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