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This is from Microsoft CarPoint Detroit Auto Show preview...

One of Detroit's stars last year returns this year in final production form. The Lexus SC 430—the luxury brand's first convertible—will get prominent news coverage since Lexus is set to announce pricing and other pertinent details. The SC, if you recall, is a sleek two-seater with a power retractable hardtop. Dealers will begin getting their limited allotments in March, but we're told that 7,000 orders have already come in. This amounts to more than half the 12,000 total cars expected to come to the States in calendar 2001. C'est la vie . Lexus also plans to show two new models of the IS 300. One—the 2002 IS 300 SportCross—is a five-door, wagon-like vehicle that, Lexus officials assure us, retains the flavor of the IS 300 sport sedan. Also on display will be an IS 300 with a new five-speed manual transmission, offering an even sportier driving experience.
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