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Is $29884 invoice for loaded IS 300?

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Hi all,

Is that the right number for '01 IS 300, with lather/escaine package, moon roof, trunk mat and wheel locks? I've got a different figure of $30269 from the dealer.

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I got the $29884 at and double-checked that against the too. Dealer claims $30269 and that's why I was asking. Thanks.
GSXR600, I see. The difference is exactly $385.
Well, in addition to five hundred dollars over "their" invoice, they also have some close to two hundred charge called "dealer processing fee". That all adds up, that's for sure.

I do recall some discussions regarding that $385 charge and that some dealers were unwilling to remove it at all. I’ll try to do 50/50 but I may not have much luck with that. Thanks for pointing that out for me.
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LoQtus, I'm pretty sure I've accounted for all dealer installed options.

GSXR600, by "their" invoice I meant invoice (including destination charge) + that $385 advertising fee. That other "dealer processing fee" is actually printed on the form to make it look more legit I guess. Is this something that should be taken out of the contract?

I saw your post from May of this year where you said that you pretty much ignored that advertising fee during negotiations. Were you able to get rid of it after all?

BTW, I’m getting close to $500 over invoice (if you consider advertising fee part of the invoice). The bottom line is just a bit over 33K out of the door. Is that OK deal or I can do a lot better? Thanks.
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