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Is $29884 invoice for loaded IS 300?

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Hi all,

Is that the right number for '01 IS 300, with lather/escaine package, moon roof, trunk mat and wheel locks? I've got a different figure of $30269 from the dealer.

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I was in the same situation when negotiating a couple months back. In my situation, they included an Advertising Charge (labeled as "PDI" or "BSI" or some b.s. term) of $385. Without going into whether it is a legitimate dealer invoice cost which should be passed onto the dealer, or whether it part of the dealership's normal cost of doing business/operating expense, I just ignored it for purposes of negotiation and considered the invoice price without the $385 charge. At most I'd be willing to split half of it.
HmmmmIS300 wrote:
Well, in addition to five hundred dollars over "their" invoice, they also have some close to two hundred charge called "dealer processing fee". That all adds up, that's for sure.
I'm not sure what you mean by '"their" invoice,' but $545 is the Destination Charge/Delivery Charge, which is legit. "Dealer processing fee" is b.s. for what is also known as "I'm-gonna-make-up-some-name-of-a-nonexistent-fee-so-I-can-charge-you-some-more fee."

Give him a final offer and your #, tell him you will be hitting other dealerships and be making a purchase within the next week, and if he really wants your business, he'll call you.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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