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Hey everyone, this isn't the monthly motorgen cruise (that'll be March 13th), but one of my buddies is throwing a meet and cruise and wants to invite all the car guys in Southern California. The list of attendees is already pretty long, so it should be a good one. The link to the organization thread is here. Here is the original post with details and confirmed attendees. Lots of muscle cars so far, but they're looking for any make and model! If you're in the area, definitely check it out :)

The demand called for it so OCHP is organizing a fun event for all you car enthusiasts.

Orange County Horsepower Meet, Greet, & PCH Cruise
Sunday, March 7th at 10:00am​

We're placing this thread on multiple forums and we're expecting a very large group of cars to attend. Last time OCHP set something like this up last year for our summer cruise, we had 75+ cars and that was exclusive to Ford's. This event is open to any car enthusiast that wishes to attend. We're expecting a large range of very fast cars (Terminator's, Mach 1's, GT500's, Lightning's, ZO6's, Z51's, Camaro's, Viper's, Charger's, Supra's, EVO's, STi's, etc...) so everyone leave your stereotypes at home because we're all just looking to have a good time and maybe even get a sneak peak of the competition. :)


  • 10:00am: Meet at the Irvine Spectrum (Target parking lot off of Enterprise).
  • 11:30am: PCH Cruise takes place (see below for map and details on route).
  • 1:00pm: Meet back at the Irvine Spectrum for photo opportunities, food, and good company.

The route we're taking allows us to cruise the Pacific Coast Hwy. for nearly 30 miles and will take a total of 1 1/2 hours most likely (depending on our pace). **I suggest everyone get gas prior to 10:00am because there will be way too many cars to stop during the cruise** We'll be leaving the Irvine Spectrum and taking the 5 South (21 miles) to El Camino Real (turns into PCH) in San Clemente. We'll be heading North on PCH (25 miles) and cruising through Capistrano Beach, Dana Point, Salt Creek Beach, Aliso Beach, Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar, and Newport Beach. We will then make a right onto Newport Blvd. and take the 55 North to the 405 South (15 miles) and meet up, once again, at the Irvine Spectrum. I'm sure a lot of the attendees will then want to get some food and hangout for a little bit to check out the cars they didn't get to before we left for the cruise. We'll also be setting up a photoshoot with a lot of cars for those of you that would like to be a part of that. Possibly even make it an official OCHP banner depending on how good they turn out.

I'll be handing out copies of the map with the route we're taking so that the people that fall behind can catch up with the proper communication of where we're at. If you've never taken a cruise like this before, it's a very scenic route with tons of long, straight stretches so there will be plenty of opportunities to fool around. It's an amazing cruise to take, especially when you've got nothing but fast cars surrounding you as far as the eye can see. I highly suggest thinking twice about opening up the throttle too aggressively on PCH because we will definitely be getting a lot of unwanted attention cruising with the large group of fast and loud cars that we'll be in.

Here's the cruise route and a link to the map where you can check out different points by zooming in and switching to the satellite view.

Directions to Enterprise Dr - Google Maps

RSVP Lists:

Orange County Horsepower Attendees

  • SIr RicCuS
  • 50 Proof
  • cobramac
  • The1WhiteDevil
  • v8only
  • Lightning McBundy
  • SoCalFiveO
  • kameleongt
  • TokenBlackKid
  • ZONick
  • ret_junior
  • Ranger_mike
  • Fastback91
  • ArmedSVT
  • reivaxtorres
  • Thunderhorse
  • waketek516
  • sikblkgt
  • BrianGT
  • FAsnakes
  • SCS197GT
  • joedls
  • Eduardo
  • Ghost04GTO
  • macmovieman
  • 96redv-8
  • XxViSiOnxX
  • bbak91
  • Topless_Sn8k
  • 94GT_Mike
  • Torresjr1120
  • 3.slow turbo

Motorgen Attendees

  • SeanPlunk

The Mustang Pit Stop Attendees

  • Chuy
  • Jose
  • BrianGT
  • dafizuck
  • Novanutcase
  • nitrobullitt

SVTP Attendees

  • 02saleen
  • P49Y-CY
  • Rcn4god
  • JoeLee
  • whammy91
  • AssassinoGrigio
  • 96SN8K
  • 03terminator77
  • desert_gypsy
  • Wishing4Cobra
  • baginoman
  • g00se
  • Bl4ckedoutc0bra
  • crj814x4
  • mytjojo

Modular Ford's Attendees

  • SC99GTVert

Mach 1 Registry Attendees

  • spanky192
  • blumnday99

LS1 GTO Attendees

  • Ghost04GTO
  • HunterKiller89
  • reign1
  • mofofernando
  • DSmastery
  • Cavi Boy Jones
  • grizzly6768
  • G.I.JO.G5
  • cobaltracrtc
  • Knotsack
  • 6point0 goat
  • Cavi Boy Jones +6 cars
  • jm7368

LS1 Tech Attendees

  • Ryne @ CMS
  • 59 camaro
  • geovett
  • F4iSickness
  • hlaalu
  • NachoSS
  • C5natie
  • Chadoo951
  • C5natie
  • 2chevyss
  • 99BlownSS +1 car
  • regcabls6

Corvette Forum Attendees

  • 1 BLOWN V8
  • RoatanMan
  • RedRiderZR1
  • ZO6Fanatic
  • BGC5Vette
  • Z28STYLE23
  • [email protected] +10 cars
  • hbvette07
  • Madsen

So Cal Terminator's Attendees

  • jhwalker
  • javierrflores
  • OldYeller

Trail Blazers SS Owners Attendees

  • Lilaaron233333
  • jmc07SS
  • Gibs07TBSS
  • hpjunkie
  • vett4five
  • navy rob
  • Left Coast 32
  • Ls7c-10
  • TJohnson
  • k5ivan
  • mikes'ss
  • Blasst9406

Mustang Empire Attendees

  • teaguelsr76
  • Shaolin Crane
  • Vanessa

GRRRR8 Attendees

  • familycaronROIDS!
  • WickedMom
  • Thrasher
  • Night Train
  • kgb4187

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OCHP has officially counted 210 attendees for our meet as of this morning.

If it rains (which there is a good chance of), we'll still meet up at the Irvine Spectrum as planned, but we will not cruise.

The reason behind that is because I don't want there to be any accidents for one. With such a large group of high powered cars, something is almost sure to go wrong on a such a long cruise in the rain. Secondly, there's most likely going to be a significant amount of more traffic on PCH which would make things more congested, more time consuming, and more tedious unfortunately.

Even if it does rain, we're still going to have a great time meeting up, shooting the ****, and hanging out with a HUGE group of car enthusiasts. The majority of the people that signed up already expressed their commitment by stating they'll be there rain or shine. I know there are some people in which refuse to go outside with their cars if it's anything less than perfect weather which is completely understandable, but the majority of us aren't afraid of a little water.

I'll be keeping everyone very informed at this point. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or ideas, let me know. OCHP will be organizing plenty more events such as this one (especially with summer right around the corner).

Update for this weekend. I'll be at the Spectrum, but I have a family birthday party that day so I'll miss the cruise regardless of weather. I'm still working on a cruise for the Motorgen meet on the 13th and I'm thinking of maybe doing Turnbull canyon. I'll keep everyone posted!
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