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Alright, I just thought I'd introduce myself. I've been reading this board for a couple months now. And I saw how you guys would respond to boyiee's posts (LOL!). So, let the flame war begin, LOL. I'm 18, and yes I have an IS that my parents got for me. Am I gonna say I deserve it because I got good grades or something? nah. But I'm happy as hell that I have it!
I do work to pay for my own mods and my system, but that obviously doesn't come close to how much work it takes to buy a car, so I really respect those of you who do get your own cars at this age. Anyways, I guess that can explain a little more why I got keyed. There's a lot more of that revenge and enemies crap when you're my age. I'm gonna be a freshman at Loyola U of Chicago this year as a Bio major, so if you're from around here, lemme know!! Also, Mccarlin mentioned a Chicago meet. Who here goes? Maybe I'll stop in one time.

Whew! I'm done now.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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