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We are casting the HOT new Reality TV show RALLY RACER with a diverse cast of characters. We are looking for you to possibly fill the role of an RACECAR DRIVER.

RALLY RACER is thirteen action-packed episodes featuring sixteen everyday people as they are catapulted into the adrenaline-filled world of professional RallyGP racing where camaraderie, conflict and competition create the most dramatic experience of today's reality television viewing. Millions of TV viewers will watch as 8 men and 8 women compete in the most exciting experience of their lives and where the ultimate prize of Fame, Fortune and $1 million dollars awaits ONE lucky winner.

The 2003 Casting Season consists of two separate shows each with their own cast and both with 13 episodes each.

RALLY RACER Sahara is where, if chosen, you'll spend 6 weeks training as a Professional RallyGP driver and competing side-by-side with others like yourself through sand dunes that would scare even Lawrence of Arabia.

RALLY RACER Arctic is just like RALLY RACER Sahara except NOW we DO IT in the SNOW. Ahh... a winter wonderland. Wonderland, hell, it's as if Santa dumped the reindeer for a 300 horsepower RallyGP car. Look out Rudolf that red light glow is from my taillight, not your nose.

Then at the bottom of the email, there's buttons where you can watch some vid clips of what appears to be some footage that they took. There's also a button where you can sign up if you want to be one of the contestants. I did some searching on google and found their site, I wish I can get 6 weeks off of work...this show is going to be interesting.
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