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I went to Carson Toyota yesterday to see if they had any Hotchkis sways in stock. All the Hotchkis' were sold out and they ended up giving me a deal on a set of TRD yellows. Since my schedule is pretty busy, I had Steve at Luxury Motorworks install them.

The sways make a huge difference. I can corner a lot quicker now and the body roll is almost non-existent. The combo of the sways and Yokohama AVS-ES100's are ideal for great cornering.

After owning my IS for 2 years, I was happily reminded why I bought the car and why I still love it. I can't wait to take the twisty's on the way home today. :D

If anybody has reservations about upgrading your sways, don't hold back. You can't go wrong with either the TRD yellows or the Hotchkis.
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