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Installed Tein CS System

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Here are a few more pictures after cleaning my IS today.

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I have added a few more pictures.
It's just beggin for 18's isn't it....
Nice height. Does it bottom out at all?

Joel, read this.

'01 Spectra Blue
thats a phat ride. Kinda makes me wish I picked Auburn Sky
. i was stuck between Millienium Silver, Diamond White Pearl, Graphite Gray Pearl, and Auburn Sky.
so i flipped for it.

tom [Diamond White Pearl '01]

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Personally, I don't any color of IS300's are bad. I like them all. I would drive any colored one, but I ended up getting the color I wanted
(silver). Anyhow, I like the lowered look with the new springs. How much did you drop it, and did you replace the shocks too?

Don't lower springs put more stress on your stock shocks though? I would like to get mine dropped about an inch and half too, but I'm worried about how it will affect my warranty, and whether or not it will wear out my suspension.
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Tony- So far so good. If I notice that it is bottoming out I will raise it 10mm until I get it right.

IS300 Pur- Check out the link below the pictures and you can see the whole set up.

Best Regards
David Kouche
'01 Auburn Sky Pearl w/Black

Kudos to you, lexuslover. Finally, pics that do this color some real justice. Seriously considering doing same to my Auburn sky IS. Great photos, beautiful ride.
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