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A rear section exhaust is a popular starting mod for the IS300. It helps the car breath better in turn producing HP gains and in some cases better gas mileage. We chose the HKS Hiper exhuast for our project car. First off you are going to want a lift. We tried doing this ourselves on jacks and it is a bit difficult, but not impossible. Getting the factory bolts off were a pain, and having the car on a lift and having an air rachet make this a quick job. Any muffler shop or tuner should charge about $50.00 for the job.

Car Lift (if possible), air rachet
About 10 mins w/ lift



(muffler end) hangers first. All IS300 specific exhaust kits will have the proper hanger rods to connect up to the car. If they dont, you don't have the right exhaust for the IS."]110




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