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Install: Pro Lex GII Short Shift Kit

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The Pro Lex GII Short Shift Kit installs on all 2002+ IS300 5 speed models. This kit reduces the throw gap between shifts, allowing for more precise and faster shifting. Not to mention a very racy feel while driving. The shift stalk is also significantly lower than the stock lever.

small flathead screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, 10mm socket
About 45 mins











Notice from Pro Lex Performance: Do not downshift if you are going faster than the maximum allowable speed for the next lower gear. To get on a highway or to pass slower traffic, maximum acceleration may be necessary. Make sure to observe the following maximum allowable speeds in each gear. 1st: 35 mph; 2nd: 60 mph; 3rd: 91 mph.


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I had a PLP gen.2 shortie in my '03 for a long time with no problems except for some REALLY loud, irritating rattling. Especially when coasting downhill in gear. Mainly 3rd and 2nd. I heard that this rattling is characteristic to the PLP gen.2 and I tried everything to make it stop but couldn't. A counterweighted shift knob helped a little but not much. The rattling had to go...

I now have a Ralco RZ shortie which I believe is virtually identitical to the B&M. The throws are MUCH shorter and more direct. Not quite as notchy as the plp either. I think the Ralco is superior to the PLP in almost every way. The only thing the plp gen.2 has over the B&M/Ralco is that the shaft itself is shorter and the knob sits a bit lower which, IMO looks a little better.

Personally, I would recommend the Ralco RZ/B&M over the PLP gen.2 any day.

However, I have not heard that the B&M/Ralco RZ can somehow ruin a tranny before... Can anyone confirm this???
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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