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Install: JDM Dash Tray

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For those of you without navigation, this is a great upgrade for some extra storage space in your IS. The dash tray is a genuine Toyota part, and fits perfectly in the top dash area.

straight edge, phillips screwdriver.
About 10 mins









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Great how-to! A lot easier to follow this than the Japanese directions that come with it. :lol: Thanks again.
x3^^^ Part number? Price? My cell keeps flying of my dash!
If you can still find it, most places have discontinued it. Product #:08171-53020, IS Inpane Tray (color: Black)Sewell Parts-Inpane Tray - Upper
Sorry to bump a dead thread...first thanks OP for the how to, it certainly helped but, 2 things On my install that were different

I bought one recently in excellent used did not just snap in, there actually didn't appear to be anything ever to just "snap in" to the existing panel, there are screw holes on the bottom of the USDM panel & JDM tray about 3/4 way towards the rear of the tray....#10 1" metal screws worked perfectly to attach the 2(also replaced the worn OEM screws with the same stainless #10's I used on the underside)

this is probably the most functional mod possible for the I can brake hard and not have my cell phone hit me in the face or go to the back seat lol
Thanks for this! This will definitely be very useful.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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