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LexusDreamCar55 said:
Uh this may seem like a noobie question and I did search, but honestly I think this site needs to have Google help them set up searches... I get things that I'm not even looking for :-? Well anyway, Do i need to know anything special about putting Rims on my car bymyself? I had ordered Volk GT-Ns with tires balanced/mounted and was wondering if i could do it myself without any trouble... I heard you need to put the nuts on in opposite directions or something... I am taking it to an alignment place after so maybe they'll fix it if i mess up.. Some help would be appretiated, thanx. I also heard theres a certain about I'm suppose to tighten it?! lol sorry for the stupidity, kinda a noobie with cars in general thanx
bolt it up in a star pattern

don't overtorque

make sure tires are going to rotate the right way (if directional tires)

check to see if you will need hub rings (ie, is the wheel stable on the hub, etc.
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