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I've just bought an optocoupler to manage the voltages used to carry illumination data and the satnav controller and make them usable as Pi inputs, and the unit I've bought has four inputs. This coupler effectively converts a 12V signal to a 3.3V signal which the Pi can use to detect the state of a circuit.

Many of the interior electronics are conveyed to ECUs around the vehicle in a binary manner. Any of these can be paired to a simple response; eg cabin light turns on and pi also turns on LED strips under dash, car turned off / door opened and pi tells phone to turn off silent/vibrate, etc. However, the difficulty programming any of these is that they require the car to be running in to power the Pi, so features related to turning on or off the car aren't very useful (the Pi is programmed to automatically shutdown when car is switched off anyway).

The three inputs I've currently planned are Illumination (headlight status -> day/night mode switching / brightness), reverse lights (reverse gear -> reverse cam view), and SGD1/SGND (Satnav remote, converted to keyboard inputs). There's still one input leftover, and I was hoping to get some suggestions on creative ways to use it. Maybe something involving the door open circuit, or the cabin lights?

Has anyone got any script -> pin state pairings they think could be useful?
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