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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the board, but fan of the car
. My parents have a 98 camry v6 at the moment. Their lease is just about up and my mother really likes the is300. I have been browsing the boards and found some common problems with it. So far i have found:

- Passenger side plastic undercarrage "drops" from the car.
- Graphite Wheels chip/peel in time
- ECU/Transmission/traction control problem, seems that the gas pedal would "ignore" you at certain times and the TC would kick in when not needed
- The dealer may say you are getting an LSD, but most likely, you will not get it and they will not put one on.

Most of these problems seem to be fixable for free under the lexus warranty. I'm just curious as to anything else i should worry about when i go with my 'rents to check one out and purchase it. Thanks so much! Any info is appriciated greatly!

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1) I haven't had any problems with my undercarriage tray, and I've had my car since last August. Fixable under warranty anyway.
2) Graphite wheels are a $400 option. I like them, but you could just as easily skip them.
3) If you're buying a car now, it will likely have the new ecu/trac unit.
4) I have an LSD, had no problems at the dealer. Just check the sticker and VIN at the time of delivery and don't accept the car unless you're satisfied.

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...only trouble I've had since I got it in September is that the driver's side door pin came loose twice. (lovely clicking noise) Dealer put it back. The transmission is working properly.
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