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I'm gone

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I grow tired of this endless was a pleasure chatting with many of you IS owners and a few of you non IS interlopers....but this old man is just plain sick of the crap.

Sure, I'll come here and peak at some of the interesting threads - detailing ideas, new products and how many people are glad I'm gone, but for the most part I am going to stop the circle jerk that is the General Discussion forum.

Many of you are absolute a$$holes and you are entitled to your opinion, but we certainly are entitled to ours. So to all you trolling bastards I hope you die of gonorrhea. I am going to drive off in my IS very content with my Lexus SBM is my favorite car...I don't give a $hit if it isn't your favorite.

Agent Smith Out For Good...or until Doug or Geoff post pictures of their little piggie girlfriends
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Ur supposed to say
Agent Smith Out

sorry to see you go agentsmith, you'll be missed. =)
Originally posted by AltezzaRoku:
Ur supposed to say
Agent Smith Out

He did say it...combined w/ "for good"
aww.. dont go.. who else is goin to curb their rims while lookin at some pun tang. haha. honestly, you have provided this forum with some humor as well as some serious posts. you will be missed. i encourage you to stay and partake in the forums. dont go MIA, just post when u think something is worth posting.

hey bye....u wont be missed by me...mans this is not fair...i used the word a$$hole and my post got deleted....ya hatin...ey webmaster do what u gotta do...
Oh damn I spelled it wrong-bye

Either way you get the idea.
Isn't is sad to see an actual IS owner leave an IS forum due to a constant barage of Non IS owner critics. While I have mostly been a "watcher" I have enjoyed Agent Smith's posts. You will be missed!
That's too bad. Smitty was definitely the comic relief of this board. Now we gotta put up with all these kiddie posts about who can jerk off the quickest.

I understand IS300 owners frustrations. I used to come here to get some enlightening factiods about my IS300. But there's just too much filth and crap trolling on this board, it literaly becomes useless.

If ya don't like the IS300 and what the F*ck are you doing here. You little pr!cks have nothin better to do then trash talk? Are you worried that your d!icks ain't big enough so you have to troll boards so it doesn't go limp? Speak your mind and f*ckin leave. Every other post these trolls put up wreaks negativity.

Don't get me wrong there are many non-IS300 posters that frequesnt this site that have brought up excellant discussions without all the negativity. It was a pleasure reading their threads and chatting with them.

To all other trolls...F*ck you!
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Agent Smith -
Why not spend time in the owners forum, if the General Forum is getting on your nerves???
That is my plan....owners forum and performance mods....but I won't be posting near as much....I hit the limit of my tolerance with some of these new douchebags.
I'm going to put this gently.

I told you so. I told you guys you'd start losing productive members because of the morons. Like someone else said, Tony do what you now have to do.
why are they called "Trolls" anyways?? And yes when I get my IS i'll be spending most of my time in the Owners Forum and Performance Forums. I guess the car is attracting a lot of people... (lotta newbies on the boards lately)
"****roaches" is more appropriate for these IS300 haters, 'cause there is no way we can't get rid of them. They always come back, unless we've an "Exterminator".
Agent don't leave I'm sure we find an "Exterminator" soon.

Give me the Power! I've got More than enough time to dedicate to this Forum. I wouldn't Hesitate to exterminate these Roaches and Their Useless Post. And thats a Great Description of these Jealous Kids
And Yes thats what they are!!
Because No Mature Adult In Their Right Mind would behave like some of these PEST .
Don't let them run you off Agent! They're the one's who need to GO!

I understand SMRA and agree with your view of the trolls that spoil things for everyone. However, deleting threads don't solve the problem. Locking/deleting is all we can do for now, and they will still keep posting. I think the BEST plan to alleviate the problem is to ignore them because they are starved for attention and if they don't get it, then they'll go elsewhere....

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Agent Smith, I am with ya 100%. You may have noticed that I myself have been out of the posting for awhile.

It is just not the same. There are a lot of people that have recently joined this forum that are negative and have nothing else better to do than to wack their peckers. Quite frankley it all started with GEOFF and went down hill from there. I can tolerate GEOFF, but it has just gotten out of hand.

I spend time in the owners' form but there really is not much going on in there, hopefully it will pick up.

I will still look in the general forum, but I have curtailed my time here.

It is to bad, because I was really starting to enjoy the company of some of the memebers. Oh well.
apologizing for the fowl language in my previous post.

Just had to let off some steam.
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