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I'm not I believe him because it's counter-intuitive, however...He's the sales manager
I've learned from experience weather their the manager or not, don't take them for their word. I have never talked to your sales manager so when i say this i'm just being general.

We went to look at a Supra TT a while back at a dealer that was used. The sales man tried to tell us (my dad and I) it had a real nice supercharger setup on it.
Obviously it has twin turbos. The supra is a popular car, and most everyone knows that it has turbos unless its a NA. Even when we asked to see the engine he still kept calling it SC! This is just one time this has happen. There are many cases where my dad and i or someone else have looked at a car and the sales man thought they knew everything about the car they were selling just cause they sale them. OH the stories i could tell you about looking at RX-7s.
To make it short, do you realize how many sales people, including MAZDA SALES MAN, think it has a piston motor in it? Sigh... oh well.

My point, ask to drive one with 16" wheels... what do you have to loose? Also as for the contract... my dad has had many Acura's and never had any problems when he decided he didn't like the car after he bought it. When he wanted to trade in his Teg and get a CL3.0 They gave him almost full list price for his teg (that was a little over 1yr old) and didn't penalize him. But like i said.. he's been going to the same dealer and buying many acura's for a while now.

Damn didn't mean for this to get so long.


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