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The automatic volume adjuster isn't all that it's advertised to be. You'll still find that your personal volume preference will overcome any automated system.

I have one and (though it works as it should) I still find myself adjusting volume to my mood, song type, etc. When I get to a light, and it turns down a song (or some interesting talk) that I like, I'll turn it up. The opposite is true when I'm moving and it loudens something I don't like. It's really more of a gimmik than a benefit.

Just my .02, so I don't think that will solve your problem. If the car is uncomfortable for you, then I do suggest contacting the dealer to determine your options.

PS>> 2300 miles isn't really a lot to base your experience on. Are you sure your not just going through some "buyers remorse"? I would weigh out the reasons you bought the car versus the reasons your not satisfied and then make a decision. BTW, this is an unbiased opinion because I'm not an IS owner.

Hope this helps,

Perception IS Reality

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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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