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If the Altezza/IS300 was a FWD...

I would never EVER buy or even consider such a car.

I admit FWD technology has improved in the past decade, but still, its a drivetrain made to cut cost and sacrifice drivability.
Before anyone flame on me, let me say that there are examples like the Alfa Romeos which come in FWD and are still good sports cars. And lighter cars tend to be more "fun to drive" especially with FWD drivetrain. (Peugeot 206 was very fun to drive.)

But during hard accerelation on a FWD the front wheels lose traction unless you have super strong and stiff suspension. You don't have to worry about that on a RWD because the weight transfer will be towards the rear. I used to drive the Acura Vigor and its front tires always slipped (especially during rain) if I wasn't careful.

And lastly, I will not trade anything with the "being pushed" feeling of a RWD. I have driven FWDs for quite a long time before the Altezza, and I'm kind of sick with the "being pulled" feeling. Not to mention the understeer a FWD car has. You must sacrifice all comfort if you want to get rid of the understeer of a FWD.

PS Lexus has the ES already.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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