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i was on my way back to work from lunch and....

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this red corvette thought i'd wanna race him on N. First street , san jose. i was making a left to n first street from de la cruz.. and this corvette just cut me off.. boy did he piss me off.cuz he almost hit me.. so i followed him (chased him). got onto the guadalupe next toe Novell and i rolled my window down and asked him 'whats your problem?' he said 'what.. i thought you'd wanna race..' i replied back to him and said 'no, i didnt want to race you. im just going back to work you dick!' He then said, 'ohh? i'm a dick now huh?' i said back to him, 'oh? you dont got one you A$$hole?'
He got pissed at me and wanted me to get outta my car. i said to him that why should i wasted my time on you. he got pissed again and started to peel out...

What an idiot.. so then, i made a u turn and just went back to work. If you are here, you better watch out! Accidents could and may happen to those who dont have a 'd1ck' (only relates to guys who dont know what it is.)

i just wanted to vent out...
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whatsup..i feel you. Just cause you have a fast ass car people wanna hate and do sumthin. So here is my experience. I was on the way back from the and my roomate. This jaguar (1992)..was zooming past everyone trying to get in front...burns me too. So then i'm like, naw..i can't let this kid (he was in highschool)..i'm only 20 tho,..haha....he ain't gonna outdue me. So i got in front of him..going like 80. he knew what was up..him and his boy. So now it's on...he then got in front..then i burnt him out of this world burned. Got up to 114 mph..wasn't too proud of myself..but had to show the stud what was up. Well...i went to a gas station, and he followed me...(wonder why). And he goes..what kind of V-4 is in that..i go dude..don't make me laugh at u either for beind dumb..first i burn you now this. I told has 2500 miles on's new. Also..i have a question for 2500 miles a lot after 3 weeks? Help me out..i think i've been driving too much. That's my experience.

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