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i was on my way back to work from lunch and....

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this red corvette thought i'd wanna race him on N. First street , san jose. i was making a left to n first street from de la cruz.. and this corvette just cut me off.. boy did he piss me off.cuz he almost hit me.. so i followed him (chased him). got onto the guadalupe next toe Novell and i rolled my window down and asked him 'whats your problem?' he said 'what.. i thought you'd wanna race..' i replied back to him and said 'no, i didnt want to race you. im just going back to work you dick!' He then said, 'ohh? i'm a dick now huh?' i said back to him, 'oh? you dont got one you A$$hole?'
He got pissed at me and wanted me to get outta my car. i said to him that why should i wasted my time on you. he got pissed again and started to peel out...

What an idiot.. so then, i made a u turn and just went back to work. If you are here, you better watch out! Accidents could and may happen to those who dont have a 'd1ck' (only relates to guys who dont know what it is.)

i just wanted to vent out...
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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