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I think dealer put in 87 regular...

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When I picked up my car. I remember the dealer telling me that the car takes 87 regular. In my head I was like what are you talking about. Then I talked to a dealer on my block and he told me that most dealers fill up their own delivery cars, and he might have put 87 in it. On my second tank I put in 93. The car feels a little different. Its more peppy. Maybe its just in my head, but it does feel like it wants to gooooo! Damn break in) 500 miles to go. What would be the consequences of a bad break in? I haven't been over 60mph. ok Maybe a couple of times on the parkway when I noticed I was doing 80mph, but I slowed down. And one time making a U-turn I spun out trying to be cute. Not on purpose, I was shyting bricks but I acted like I meant to do it. Other then that my car is fine. Oh I forgot about the static radio stations. I hear a slight hiss or tick in the background. Its annoying when you pay attention to it.
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Here is my best shot at answering your questions...

A bad break-in? Well these days the chances of a bad break-in are slim to none. In the old days when the tolerances were weaker, you could have oil leaks, gasket problems, etc. Engines are built a lot better these days...

Speed? Speed really doesn't have anything to do with break-in, well it does sort of. Don't push the car above 4000 rpm and your fine. So if the gearing allows it, go 200 MPH, as long as you don't go above 4k rpm.

Octane? Well, most cars these days have anti-knock sensors which will retard engine timing to prevent premature ignition. Adding high-octane gas, if the engine is properly designed for it and can use it, should give you a couple more horsepower. However, putting in 87 versus 92 shouldn't have an adverse affect on the breakin.
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