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I need some convincing guys

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I currently own a 2000 BMW 323Ci which i love, but the service is so bad that I'm seriously considering trading it in for an IS300. I could tell horror stories about my BMW dealer. The only other car I would consider is the IS300. I have a test drive scheduled next week and will compare it to mine then. Is the Lexus service really that good? Are you happy with the IS? Are there any former BMW drivers here? Will dealer charge sticker when the manual comes out?
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Have a 325i right now. Had a tire blow out for no reason and got nothing but flack from Irvine BMW. They were terrible. Mind you, this car was all of 6 months old and what I expected was top-notch service. What I got was a bunch of people who value the sale more than the customer.
In contrast, one of my good friends had a problem with his IS pulling. The dealership aligned and balanced and it still pulled. Without him asking they replaced the front tire and wheel. Problem solved. That is the kind of service I want!!
I will be buying an IS300 as soon as the 2002s roll of the boat!
Originally posted by SeattleSheila:

Anyone testing driving the IS300 should be warned: The interior is NOT as cushy as the BMW...but it's every bit as fun to drive. (OK an M3 might yield more joy...)

Might want to note on the 2002 they will have full leather available (the Ecsaine perforated is actually synthetic) and will rework the dash, armrest and add curtain airbags. Granted, it won't be a BMW but it is going to be alot better!!
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