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I need some convincing guys

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I currently own a 2000 BMW 323Ci which i love, but the service is so bad that I'm seriously considering trading it in for an IS300. I could tell horror stories about my BMW dealer. The only other car I would consider is the IS300. I have a test drive scheduled next week and will compare it to mine then. Is the Lexus service really that good? Are you happy with the IS? Are there any former BMW drivers here? Will dealer charge sticker when the manual comes out?
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I don't own an IS300, but my family does have a '92 ES300. Most of the time, Lexus service is great thought it depends on the dealer. At Longo Lexus in Southern California, there's a putting green and free coffee and drinks and pastries in the waiting room, and when your car needs extended service, they'll offer you a loaner car (another Lexus, of course). No mileage limits, and all you pay for is the gas. (Let's just say my parents took an RX300 loaner out to Las Vegas for that weekend...hehe.)

There are a couple people here who have had some experiences with BMW's, but I don't know if there are any former E46 owners here.

Most people here love their IS300's...very few people have given theirs up.

Most likely the dealer may charge MSRP when the manual comes out since there are a lot of people waiting for it. However, you could try to ask your dealer when you have that test drive.

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