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Hi guys, i think it is my 5th time posting(?)..

I am really into my 2gen IS250(non-nav).

But I relly like to get some suggestions from you guys coz I know

most of you guys know more than I do.

1. I currently have smoked tail light covered with Vinyl sheet.

and it has been 2 days and it is already peeling off.

should I completely remove it or let the tint guy do the job for spraying the tail light for permanent look? does it look good for long period of time? does it worth it?

2. is installing rear trunk lip easy as installing front bumper lip? does 3M tape make it almost permanent installation if I don't want to drill the trunk?

3. do the lexus dealers sell the factory windshield?(mine got some i want to get the same product as it came)

4. has anyone installed CarPC really nicely by any chance? any pics? please..^^

5. is 19" wheel compatible with IS250(2007, non-nav, non-sports[not sure] )?
if so, is it still good with factory suspension?

6. is lowering suspension better or 19" wheel(inching up) better? which do you guys prefer?

7. anybody installed web-based CCTV on their vehicle?(i bought one to install on mine but I didn't yet. someone around me scratched her overnight several

8. any other cool mods on your cars? please tell me =)
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