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Lover: remember me?
SophieSleeps: sup
Lover: hey baby
SophieSleeps: homo dog
Lover: whats wrong
SophieSleeps: what?
Lover: whats wrong baby
SophieSleeps: whatchoo talking bout willis?
SophieSleeps: ugh ugh
Lover: you know i dont like when you play these games
Lover: its me
Lover: remember
SophieSleeps: k
SophieSleeps: no
SophieSleeps: i don't
Lover: but baby
Lover: you gave me your IM the other day
Lover: i know you didnt forget
Lover: i even saw you today in the office
SophieSleeps: ahhhh
SophieSleeps: haha
SophieSleeps: ya ya
SophieSleeps: i know i saw you too
Lover: i did
SophieSleeps: you fine bitch
Lover: now now
SophieSleeps: saw you shimmying down the doorsill
SophieSleeps: brrrrrrrrrrr
Lover: noo.. i was at the front desk
SophieSleeps: oh yeah o yeah
SophieSleeps: you're that dude
Lover: no sweetness
Lover: you remember your lil honeysuckle
SophieSleeps: oooooooh
SophieSleeps: yeah
SophieSleeps: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Lover: you know what really attracted me to you
SophieSleeps: what you wearin?
Lover: you dont know?
SophieSleeps: wanna see what I'm wearin?
Lover: yah
SophieSleeps: i changed as soon as i saw your SN
SophieSleeps wants to directly connect.
Lover: really for me?
SophieSleeps: all for you
SophieSleeps cancels request; no connection was made.
SophieSleeps: can you not connect sweet thang?
Lover: BUt when you came in the office today I saw you and was like how sweet it is that a guy can work for our company and be so professional but still hold a job as a chinese delivery boy.. i mean i was like ooooooooooooooooooo GHEY
SophieSleeps wants to directly connect.
SophieSleeps: ya well
SophieSleeps: sometimes you gotta work two jobs
SophieSleeps cancels request; no connection was made.
SophieSleeps: to make ends meet you know
Lover: so you like in the butt?
SophieSleeps: all day
SophieSleeps: but i like it
Lover: ooh
SophieSleeps: with pork
Lover: u so sweet
SophieSleeps: ya i know
Lover: ok
Lover: well gotta go sweetcheeks
Lover: bye bye
SophieSleeps: later homo
SophieSleeps: ha
SophieSleeps: next time
SophieSleeps: bring more lube
SophieSleeps: my ass is still hurtin
SophieSleeps: little sore
SophieSleeps: but it'll be ok next tim

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I did not have sexual relations with Lover :lol: :lol:

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anonymous_sophie said:
be nice yall.. I do love sophie
Uh oh, looks like I got a stalker.
Taking precautions now (gets out duct tape and covers arsehole sparingly)
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