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Guy gets his apartment trashed and $40000 of stuff stolen, NEEDS YOUR HELP!
Okay...let me explain the situation.

Basically, some guy in Houston, Texas was renting an apartment from the legacy pines complex, run by this parent company, the mid-american aparment communities:

A week before his lease expired the manager, Melissa O'Malley, called in the painters to repaint his apartment while he was out. They broke into his apartment and proceeded to completely trash it. When he returned, he found that the apartment had been repainted, most of his stuff stolen, and that which wasn't stolen was destroyed. Moreover, the destruction was overtly malicious in that they went so far as to gather up electronic equipment and smash it or dunk it in water, dump paint all over it, tear it apart, rip pages and covers off books, etc.

The neighbors also witnessed the incident, identified the men responsible, their vehicle, saw them carrying merchandise out and making noises smashing things inside, and so on.

Anyway, the apartment manager Meilssa O'Malley lied to the victim's face about the whole thing and gave him the run-around, so he went to upper management. Then upper management gave HIM the run-around.

Now here's where WE come in...the victim of the theft has taken photos of all the damages and written up his account of the events which may be viewed here:

Basically, SPREAD THE WORD of this incident. The more eyeballs that are drawn to the photos and the more people that know about it, the better chance that there will be something done about this. (Furthermore, this just might blow the lid off of other similar incidents at other apartment complexes...possibly a ring of property thieves using apartment complexes as a cover for their activity, and legal run-arounds as their defense.)

Additionally, he's going to be going to the upper-upper management, the VP-guys, and he'll be able to point to his site and the viewcount ont he photos. If it's in the 10'000s and stuff, he'll have that much more leverage when arguing his side.

So...if you have a forum you frequent that you can post this on, post it there. If you have some spare time, type up an email explaining your feelings over the incident and send it to the MAAC at [email protected] ! Tell your friends, especially people who are looking for apartments.

Additional information may also be found here:

And here: 21

Also, I should add that I found out about all this from someone else who spread the word on another forum.

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