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I just picked up my car!!!!!

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wass up!!! guys.......i just piced up my new is300 black/ is awesome and really fun to drive...i traded in my bmw m3..
resale value for m3 was sucks....
now i don't like bmw is300 is so quiet and smooth...of course it is FAST~~
i love it...i think i have to go out right now to drive baby........Oh...Should i keep my baby slowly? 'cause i asked dealer and he told me that i don't have to drive it slowly..because is300 is built for last....
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My salesman told me the same thing butI still babied mine for the first 1,000 miles.

Enjoy it and be careful!
CONGRADS!!!! .. I got the same color .. and I love it .. It's hard to keep shinny and clean .. but a nice Wax will fix that! .. Enjoy the ride .. I have 240 Miles on it, and it has only been a week today. Enjoy it! ..Be safe!!!
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Originally posted by dj254:
i traded in my bmw m3..
my is300 is so quiet and smooth...of course it is FAST~~
Fast eh? Did you notice a big difference in speed stepping down to an IS300?
congrats, how is the IS faster than the M3, and is english your primary language?????
IS300GTE be nice!!!!!!!

Faster than a m3? hmmm i dunno?? But i hope people can be a little more nice to others...
thank you guys~~~

And english is my second language....

I'm sorry about that.....

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update your profile...
"Current Ride: BMW M3"
you still have the M3?


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I just got my IS300 today... black/black. The handling is awesome! You can't drive slow on this car...especially if you got a heavy foot like mine...
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i also traded in my M3 for an IS300. but i cant agree with you that M3's resale value sucks.
i had $19,300 for my m3 payoff, but resale value for my m3 was $18,300....
So, i had to pay for $1000 from my pocket..
it was 1997 BMW M3 and 52,300 miles on it..
Congrats.......but it makes me mad, I still waiting to get mine
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Originally posted by dj254:
it was 1997 BMW M3 and 52,300 miles on it..
sorry to tell you, but you lost..BIG TIME. the car could easily be sold for around 28k...
Congratulations and welcome to the club. Like all of us here, you will love your car.

Have fun and be safe.
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Welcome to this disfunctional family we call

Don't worry about the language crack my first language was spanish not english and more than half of us on this board can't spell worth a crap including me.

What year was your M3????
4dr or 2dr???????
How many miles????????

What are you planning for your IS?
Show, Race, Competition????

Anyways I hope that you enjoy your IS and drive safely we wouldn't want you to hurt the car.
(or yourself)
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$18k????????????? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo
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