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I am worried

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would it be possible that bumping into a curb while turning affect the alignment.
The speed wasn't too high about 10-15 miles. Also it wasn't moving straight into the curbs, it was kinda sliding against it, but it was definitely a bump.


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Then the tire sidewall took the brunt of the impact and you really have little to worry about. (Besides the sidewall failing, that is.)
however, i wasn't stating it in full correctness...

here is my previous post

I bumped into a curb.
What can I do?? It has a sratch on the circumference of the rim?

any product to smoothen the scratch??


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Then it's less clear-cut. Determine if the force necessary to produce the severity of the scratch is enough to tweak any of the cast iron and stamped steel suspension components. Although entirely non-scientific, it helps to see how your suspension is configured when the whel is off to guess-timate the severity of the forces.
I will try to take pictures if possible, but i think that will unlikely to happen since I only have a webcame, and I don't have a scanner.

Well, thx DtEW
A totally non scientific way to check your alignment: Go find yourself a nice flat straight road. Drive on it and point yourself straight. Let go of your wheel. If your car drifts off to one side your alignment is off, if you keep going straight then you're okay. So accurate, I know...

By making this post I am not claiming to be an expert of any sort on the topic and should not be taken as such. It's just my opinion and worth what you paid for it.

will try it tomorrow, but i think it will snow tomorrow and i'd like to keep it nice in the garage. I will see if it really snow tomorrow.
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