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Hey guys! This is my first post and I am really interested in getting a IS300. The thing is that I have read posts made by others, but I need to know if a 300 hp GS would be avaialble. This worries me since I would be getting a 2001 model if i do decide to get the IS300 in February. Is it a good idea to buy the 30K-39K 2001 IS300 and turbo boost it and make it into a super car...or wait for the questioning 2002 300HP IS300 or if possible a IS300?

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What are you talking about? Are you talking about the upgraded engine (probably 245hp) the GS300 will get? There is no 300hp GS300 or IS300. Next years IS will most likely have the same engine.

Turbo kits are becoming available already.

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