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Found this on the web: Very helpful

Back when I had the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 Navigation headunit with Bluetooth add-on I had a nightmare trying to sync my contacts from my Sprint Treo 700wx. In the end I resorted to using Motorola Phone Tools and transfering my contacts using a basic Motorola RAZR flip phone. Fast forward to 2010 and we now have Android phones trying to sync their contacts over Bluetooth with their car stereos. Up until this morning I pretty much assumed that it would be a lost cause getting the Motorola Droid contacts over to a Lexus Navigation unit via Bluetooth. Thanks to my good buddy Wally from we now have a how-to guide for transferring your contacts off your Android smartphone via Bluetooth to your car stereo.

-Must have Android Firmware/ROM version 2.0 or higher (so far the only android phones on the market that come with this version preinstalled are the Moto Droid and HTC Nexus One aka Google Phone) You can check this on other android phones by going to Home Screen->Menu->Settings->About Phone->Firmware Version
-Must have already completed standard Bluetooth paring on phone.
Download “Bluetooth File Transfer” on the android market place. It will come up if you search for “Bluetooth File Transfer” in the Android Market Place. It’s Free 3rd party software made by Medieval Software.
Click Allow to everything the program asks for.
-Go to Home screen. Open Applications tab. Start “Bluetooth File Transfer”. The icon is orange and green and has a lower case “m” on it.
In “Bluetooth File Transfer” click on the menu button (on the Droid the menu button has some lines and is a touch button, not a physical button)
The menu button will reveal more options, choose More.
Choose Send contacts
-Make sure Radio unit is set to transfer contacts screen
Select Radio BT on phone
Contacts will transfer
-So there you have it, you can now have your contacts from your Android OS 2.0 smartphone transfered to your car stereo via Bluetooth. Now let’s just hope we see some Android 2.0 and 2.1 updates start rolling out sooner rather than later. We would hate to see Android’s OS Upgrade path become the next Windows Mobile, right?
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