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How to Measure True Beauty...

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A truly beautiful car is one that looks nice from every angle and every color. There are some cars that are nice looking but when looked at from a different angle their beauty begins to fade (and it looks like a different car). As far as color is concerned, let me give you an example. I can say that the BMW X5 is a nice looking vehicle. Then Friday night I saw a white X5 V8 4.4 from behind... YUCK! It did not look like a $55K car and looked totally different instead..... The IS300 is an exeption I think. I've seen it in every color and from every angle and it was still beautiful to me. So that would be "TRUE BEAUTY" in my Book and its defining lines works to its advantage.. The BMW 3 series is not a bad looking car but only from certain angles. It looks nice in Silver but every other BMW is Silver......Then comes the CL-s... as far as color, it only looks nice "TO ME" only in Black. As far as angle is concerned, it looks eye watering from just about every angle...
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have you seen the new C in real life? They are ugly. The picture is so much better than the real life thing. I think it maybe because the car is too high off the ground, but I am glad I didn't wait for that.
Is it me or does the new C class actually looked kind of cheap in real life? I mean the S-class looked sophisticated on both paper and real life, but the C-class doesn't. When I first saw the new C in the magazine, I was like "wow, this car is beautiful". I was actually questioning my decision on the IS a little bit, but after seeing it in real life, I don't feel that way any more. How did they make the car look so good in picture and so bad in real life? I actually like my brother's C230 more than the new C.
Is it just me?
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