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IS300 fenders are different from Altezza fenders, they have different bracket locations for the headlight housing,in addition to the signal light hole.
In order to fit an IS300 headlight onto an Altezza front fender, these brackets need to be modified.

[SPOILER="Differences "]

As you can see, the two fenders are identical except for the location of these two brackets, and the turn signal hole on the Altezza fender.

[SPOILER="Step 1: Removal of fender"]

Unscrew and loosen front bumper for ease of access.
Remove fasteners holding splash guard and fender liner.
Unscrew fasteners/nuts holding headlight (incl. 8,9).
Unscrew remaining 10 fasteners/nuts holding fender in place.
Bolts 1,2 are hidden in undercoating, scrape this off to reveal them.
Nut 3 can be accessed using an extension, needs about 1 turn to release fender.

[SPOILER="Step 2: Lower bracket modification"]

Fig. 1-2
Using a caliper to determine the location of the IS bracket, transfer dimensions to the Altezza fender,
mark the center of the hole using a punch for a 1/16" pilot hole, then drill to 3/8" and chamfer.
I used a small block of wood behind the hole to support the bracket.
Trace on the bend line.

Fig. 3-4
Using your preferred method, cut out the new bracket shape.
I used sheet metal shears, then a file and a sanding block to smooth edges.
Slowly bend bracket along the line using pliers.
Make sure not to over-bend as to prevent stressing the metal, although it is very malleable and forgiving.
Bend to the same angle as your reference IS300 fender.

[SPOILER="Step 3: Upper bracket modification "]

Fig. 1-4
Transfer the dimensions from the IS fender, mark the hole center.
cut out the bracket shape and carefully bend to the same angle as the lower bracket.
This bracket is reinforced on it's underside, and consequently is a lot more difficult to bend.
Be careful to only bend the desired bracket material, and not the surrounding structure or you will deform the fender.
Drill the 1/16" pilot hole and then the 3/8" hole and chamfer.
File and sand all of the flaking paint off around the bend.[/SPOILER]

If you are confident with your measurements, skip to step 5.

[SPOILER="Step 4: Check fitment"]

Check the fitment by attaching the fender and screwing the headlight housing nuts on, as well as the fender fasteners.
I did not check my fitment or end up having to make any adjustments to the brackets as they lined up just like the IS300 brackets,
however if your headlight doesn't sit correctly, you can add washers behind the brackets or remove the fender and bend the brackets to the desired location.

[SPOILER="Step 5: Reinforcements and paint "]

After both brackets are done they should look something like this,
this is the stage at which you can re-measure and make final adjustments by bending the brackets.

You can also tack weld the weak points of the brackets to add extra strength.

Sand and feather out any exposed metal, this is also a good opportunity to sand any rust spots out.
Cover the external features of the fender to prevent over-spray.
Apply primer and paint to all of the areas sanded, this will prevent rusting, I used a two-in-one rust protection spray paint.
This feature will not be visible so the color is not too important.
The modified brackets are very strong, even without welding they are far from flimsy. [/SPOILER]

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I'm curious, why would you want to put an Altezza fender on an IS300?

My oem fender had a massive dent right on the edge meeting the bumper, I couldn't find any cheap IS300 fenders in this color, but I found this altezza fender for $100.
Autobody shop would charge around $400 to fix the dent and the cheapest IS fenders in this color were around $300.
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