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to much:

spoiler 600, but dealer messed up and gave it to me for free

grille 180
wheels 2000
system 7500
springs 150
install 100
exhaust 265
touch up paint 6
venom cig lighter 20
tora sport alum dash kit 200
i think that is all

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Ok, it's not an IS300, it's a BMW, but:

$40 K&N drop-in air filter
$600 Nakamichi 6-disk in-dash changer
$350 Bieffe Predator helmet
$170 Skills Class & Driver's School at NHIS

$1160 total, ouch, thanks for reminding me. Not going to spend much else on the car, in case I need to buy an IS300M.

Originally posted by IsNYC:
for aftermarket on their IS300?

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HRE Rims & Tires= around $4500
Toyomoto Exhast= $450
SRT Intake= $600
Tint= $300
Fixing Things= Around $2000

Hey LStyleIS do you have pics of your system and does it rattle cause rattling is the main reason im not getting a system (My Prelude rattled and it drove me nuts)
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