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How much does it cost to replace rear-bumper? I backed into someone
and my rear-bumper looks horrible...
So, i need to replace it. How much does it cost to have it replaced at dealer or local bodyshop? Thanx.

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all parts r OEM
Rear bumper cover(toyota Genuine part)$299
bumper absorber (foam) $78.99
bumper mounting bracket pair $50
paint $100

hours of labour
remove 1.0
install 2.5
paint 2.5
total hr=6 hr
labour rate is $45/hr (avg) $270

net pay 797.99 x tax..

*prices may varies ,(the above price is for ) if your bumper is misallign after the accident ..

if just bump to something(flat) like lower than 10 miles ..only require to replace the bumper and repaint it ..

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I just got a front bumper replaced and the whole thing cost $600. The bumper was $221, but I didn't need any new fog lights etc. Just a new bumper. Call a few dealers and they'll fax you an estimate
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