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How many of you Leased and How many Financed your cars?

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How many of you guys leased and how many financed your cars?
I remember talking to the local BMW dealer and he told me much greater than 50% of all sales were leases.

How long do you guys plan to keep your IS300? Are you just going to keep it till it dies (like TEG) or are you just going to wait until your lease runs out and trade it in on something else (whether Lexus Product or Not)....?
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Originally posted by Martin:
Well.. I decided to lease and buy the car out @ the end.. I don't wanna put all this money into a car that I’m not going to keep. The way I see it. My payments stay low through out my whole time of having the car. (450$ now and probably 450 on the buy out or an additional 5 years) Also if I don't want the car after the 3-year lease I’ll have to buy it out and just sell it anyway. I’ve put 2,600 mile's on the car and I had it 1 1/4 month's and I only work 17 mile's away. I just like to drive allot. Besides if I wanna put an intake or an exhaust system on my car I wont have to worry about taking it off or getting fined because I’m going to buy it out.


Black/Ivory IS300
Why would you have to buy out the lease? I thought all leases were closed end, you walk away. Isn't it illegal to have open end leases anymore?
I have leased mine. The only way I will buy the car at the end of the lease is if the car is worth more then the residual. That is how a lease works. The residual which in my case is 22,000 is the amount I can buy the car for at the end of the lease. So, in 3 years if the IS300 is worth 25,000 or so, which I doubt, I would buy it and turn around and sell it out right and make a few K.

Other than that I walk away and get another new car.
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