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Strange question I suppose. But my wife and I are expecting our first baby in 3 months. I've been debating over what car I want to buy and the IS300 is at the top of the list. The reason I ask: We test drove a Dodge SRT-4 two months ago. It was a fun little car to drive but not as luxurious as the IS and nowhere near the potential. Stock out of the box, much much faster though.

Anyway, the point. I was driving back to the dealership after the testdrive with my wife and the salesman, downshifted to 3rd on the off-ramp for a little engine braking. The car absolutely roared like a full-grown mountain lion with a gnarly set of cajones on him. Now I didn't really remember hearing it any other time. But I may have blocked it out in my endorphined stupor.

The question: How loud is your IS300 with a turbo? I'm sure your turbo probably doesn't have a muffler on the back to help with the sound and I don't want to wake my baby boy up screaming everytime I downshift. Is it hella-loud driving around town? (I mean inside the car, I don't care what anyone else thinks). Then again, maybe he'll like it. His daddy does.
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