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i leased my car for the cheaper payments...12g miles a year. i got it last september. i have about 25-26g on it now. it wasn't a problem when i was positive i would buy at the end of the 3yr term. but, now i'm seriously thinking of trading in for a 5sp. two questions: 1-how anally raped will i get for the miles? and, 2-do i have to wait until the end of the term? do i get charged for breaking the contract? if so how much?

i wanna throw a supercharger on this thing, BAD. but i figure, if i'm gonna have this bad-ass powerplant, i want my 5spd. if i did, i'd keep her as long as i could.

another part says...this is your 1st car out of college. buy it at the end of the lease, live with the auto, get your 6spd M5 when you're ready. what-to-do-what-to-do!

(sorry about the "anally" thing to all who might be offended...)
thanks to all for responding.
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